AlleyCat! BBS Web Theme by mortifis

   This theme is a modification of the ASMF-eTrucker v3 theme that I (Mortifis) wrote
   for ... 
   This theme is partially based on the Nightshade by RuneMaster Theme and 
   Synchronet Web Server 1.715  Compiled May 11 2020 05:04:27 with MSC 1925
   Engine and utilizes many portions thereof.
   Currently, the center pane window is an iframe which calls various modified 
   files such  as *js, *.ssjs and *.xjs, thereby reducing the overall load time 
   of the web interface:
       ie: responsive menus, the date/timer script as well as the weather pane   
   If you would like to install this Theme on your Synchronet BBS board, ask me, 
   and I will make it available for you upon request.
   I hope you enjoy it!